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[ezcol_1half]Welcome, my name is Marleen

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. Already in my youth I had a great affection for Greece, even though I had never visited the country. I felt enchanted by its magical sound – this was the place from which Greek mythology originated, where the stories of the Ilias and the Odyssey were set, where the Greek gods lived.

During my studies I took a course in art history, and when I studied the Greek period I finally took the opportunity to visit Greece. How impressed I was by the ancient temples, but also by the friendly people, the delicious local food, the way of life and the pleasant climate. I fell in love with this country and that passion has never gone away. I lived there for a few years and mastered the language. Also after my return to the Netherlands I continued to be attracted by Greece, and I often visited the country. I visited Athens many times and already from the beginning I felt at home there. I like the contrasts that are so typical of Athens, a metropole that sometimes feels like a village. Compare the bustle of the syntagma square with the peaceful energy of the Pnyx. And Athens is a city that has preserved its Greek identity amidst a multi-cultural population.

In 2012 I decided to follow my heart. I gave up my job in the Netherlands to live again in Greece for the larger part of the year. And do what I really enjoy: take them to the most beautiful places, let them meet the locals and let them  discover the Greek way of life. So I can’t wait to show you Athens and in particular the many hidden gems of this amazing city!

Marleen Veldhorst [/ezcol_1half]

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