Leaded by a goddess

This treasure hunt in Athens is a really cool way to get to know the city. Because what could be more fun than a real goddess guiding you around in Athens? Athena, goddess of wisdom, the one who gave her name to the city and the patron goddess of Athens, herself created this treasure hunt, in order to show you to the best spots of her city.

She shows you the way, tells you fun and exciting things about the city and she also asks you to do certain things as it is a treasure hunt after all. If you’re doing well there might be waiting a little treasure for you at the end of the quest.

Athena takes you to the Ancient Agora, which was the city center of Athens in the old days. Here you can admire the best preserved temple of Greece, the only one with a roof on it, the temple of Athena and her half-brother Hephaestus. Then she shows you the way through the narrow streets of the old neighborhood Plaka, she guides you through the National Gardens to the old Olympic Stadium.In ancient times sportevents in honor of the goddess were held in this stadium. And from here she takes you to the main spot of the city, the Acropolis.
First she take you to the new Acropolis museum, where you get a good idea of ​​how all the temples on top of the Acropolis looked like in ancient times.
And then it is time for the highlight of this treasure hunt, you climb the Acropolis to take a look at the Parthenon. In ancient times Athena lived inside the temple and who knows … ..maybe she still lives there……

Information for parents:
Price: 1 book = € 20, – (2 books = € 35, -, 3 books = € 50, -)
Ordering : please send an email to

Delivery: In consultation it is delivered to your accommodation or at a central location in Athens.This treasure hunt comes in the form of a booklet. Of course you can use one booklet for more children, although keep in mind that every booklet is personalized and that it has space where the child can fill in answers to questions and even put some photos. So at the end of the treasure hunt your child has a unique and personal booklet. Together with every booklet comes a surprise for your child.