Mezedakia Dinner the Greek way of dining

The Greek way of dining means sitting on a table with friends, talking, discussing, laughing, drinking and sharing  food. Souvlaki, tzatziki and moussaka you probably know, but if you also want to get familiar with other dishes from the rich Greek cuisine, make sure you book the mezedakia dinner.

For the mezedakia dinner we take you to a traditional Greek tavern, one where also the Greeks themselves come to eat. Which means its a good one as Greeks are really picky on their food. We eat “the Greek way”; this means that there are all kinds of mezedakia, Greek tapas, served on the middle of the table and they are shared with table companions.  This way, you will taste a variety of dishes, from crispy salads to slowly cooked traditional diches and from  rich stews to creamy dips.

The Mezedakia dinner is also suitable for vegetarians.

Day: Daily
Start Time: 19:30 o’clock
Starting point: Monastiraki (center)
Duration: 2 hours
Price: € 21, – / children under 16 years € 12, –
Including: Dinner, 1 drink, guide

Reservations: Please send an email to