Winetasting in Athens or Attica

Greece is emerging as a wine-producing country. More and more wine-estates appear in Greece, producing wine of an extending quality, using both local and foreign grape varieties . Try some of the delicious Greek wines during a winetasting in a trendy Athenian wine bar or a wine-estate outside the city. You can do a tasting at a wine bar, a stroll along several wine bars, or a visit to one or more wine-estates in Attica.

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For many people, Greek wine still is synonymous with retsina, a wine flavored with pine resin, often of dubious quality, sometimes even tasting suspiciously like turpentine.
Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide choice of fine Greek wines. The combination of a wide selection of local grapes, lots of sun, a pleasant climate and low rainfall ensure that the wines produced in Greece, are of a good quality, some of them are even winning international awards.

You can opt for a winetasting in Athens, tasting different wines in one winebar. As more and more trendy winebars appear in the Greek capital is also possible to opt for a “stroll” along several wine bars.

You can also choose to go with a luxury coach to a winery in Attica, the region around Athens. Here you will get first a guided tour around the winery and after you will taste their wines. It is also possible to visit several winemakers or to combine the visit to the winery with a lunch at a tavern at the seaside.

For a winetasting at a winebar in Athens you can opt for a themed tasting, like wines from a specific region, island or grape variety. You choose how large you want the tasting to be.
Of course, it is also possible to accompany the wines with carefully selected delicacies. 

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