An evening stroll a romantic evening walk in Athens

During this romantic evening walk in Athens that takes place in the early evening, you see Athens at its best. At this time, the soft evening sun gives the city a magical glow.

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The walk goes through narrow streets, past hidden terraces where the Greeks enjoy their evening coffee, past ancient temples, where the sun has waved over the white marble, to a viewpoint from where you have a magnificent view of Athens, the port of Piraeus, the coastline and the historic island of Salamina.
During the walk you will get a glass of wine or ouzo on a very special spot

Optional: Mezedakia-diner

Souvlaki, tzatziki and moussaka you probably know, but if you also want to get familiar with other dishes from the rich Greek cuisine, make sure you book the mezedakia dinner.
For the mezedakia dinner we take you to a traditional Greek tavern, one where also the Greeks themselves come to eat.
We eat “the Greek way”; this means that all kinds of mezedakia, a kind of Greek tapas, will be served in the middle of the table and shared with table companions.
This way, you will taste a variety of dishes, from salads to casseroles and from stews to dips

The Mezedakia dinner is also suitable for vegetarians.

Price: € 22, – / children under 16 years € 15, – (if booked in combination with the Evening Stroll) including: Dinner, 1 drink, guide

  • Day: Daily
  • Start time: Between 16.00 and 18.00 (depending on the season)
  • Starting point: Monastiraki (centre)
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: € 19, – /children under 16 years € 14, -/surcharge private tour from € 10,- p.p. (minimal 4 participants)
  • Including: glass of wine, tsipouro or soda
  • Note: This tour will be carried out by one of our partners

Reservations: Please send an email to