Private walks

A private tour in Athens is a fun and relaxing way to discover Athens, together with your children. A private tour is completely adapted to the needs and interests of your family and can last from a few hours to a whole day.

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No searching on a map to see where to go, no discussions about turning left or right and no children who start whining because they are bored. But an enthusiastic local guide who will pick you up at your accommodation, at an hour that suits you, to take you to the best spots of the city. During the tour you can make as many stops as you like, to take pictures, get an ice-cream or buy a souvenir for granny back home.

The guide will adapt the stories and information to the age and interests of the children , assuring that they stay interested and enthusiastic till the end of the tour. Though not forgetting the adults who might want to get some more information.

The numerous remains from ancient Greece, the changing of the presidential guards in their traditional uniforms, looking for turtles in the park, the local market which is really quite different from any market back home, the fishing port Mikrolimano, the old Olympic Stadium or a climb up the Lycavittoshill. These are just a few examples of the things that kids like to do in Athens.

Based on the requirements of your family, we will put together an excellent tour.

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