A taste of Athens

This culinary walk in Athens is a feast for the senses. Get to know different Greek specialties and taste a variety of delicacies. You will taste everything  from fresh loukoumades soaked in Greek honey to different sorts of cheeses to local liqueurs.

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This culinary walk in Athens takes you to small family businesses and traditional stores. And of course you visit the Central Market. the heart of culinary Athens and a spectacle of colors, smells and merchants, trying to draw  attention to their products. This is the place where the Athenians do their shopping. From grannies in their black dresses to the chefs of the finest restaurants.

You will visit small specialty shops and come across colorful market stalls selling local products. You will learn about different types of olives at the oldest olive shop in town. And taste creamy Greek yogurt at a dairy store that has been in business since the 30’s. Learn that there are more Greek cheeses than only feta and taste the difference between ouzo and raki.

Greece has a rich culinary tradition, thanks to its unique mix of influences from both the west and the east and its location on the sea. You will be introduced to the Greek culinary habits. And learn about the special dishes associated with specific holidays and events.
Take your chance to enjoy a wide variety of Greek delicacies, get acquainted with the rich Greek kitchen and be inspired by the beautiful local products. Enjoy this unique tour in an authentic part of Athens.

After this culinary walk in Athens you don’t need to go for lunch, as you will not be hungry anymore. This tour is also suitable for vegetarians.

This culinary walk will be accompanied by a Dutch speaking tourleader.

  • Day: Monday till Saturday
  • Starting time: 12.15 o’clock
  • Starting point: Monastiraki (center)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: € 45, – /children under 16 years € 25, -/surcharge private tour from € 10,- p.p. (minimal 4 participants)
  • Including: Tourleader and all the food and drinks offered during the tour

Reservations: Please send an email to info@agemcalledathens.com