Students in Athens

Students in Athens

This students tour is a great addition to the traditional program of most school trips, where the focus is often only on the archaeological sitesand museums.

We are experienced in the field of education and know how to fascinate students. This student tour is active and has a great variety so that students will not get bored.

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Our enthusiastic local tourleader introduces the students to contemporary Athens. We take them to the trendy district of Psiri, where many buildings are decorated with street art. We walk through the narrow alleys and past the hidden terraces of the old district of Plaka, the part where the Greeks themselves come. And they will have the feeling they are on a Greek island as they walk between the small white houses in the picturesque neighborhood of Anafiotika.

Eating and drinking is an important part of Greek life and where can they experience it better than on the central market. This is the beating heart of Athens and a spectacle of colors, smells and screaming market traders. Here the whole of Athens does its shopping, from the old grannies to the chefs of star restaurants. Here students taste different Greek delicacies. From famous olives to special cheeses to fruits they might have never seen in their whole lifes.

They will see the finest pieces of 19th century architecure, as we walk past the three most beautiful neoclassical buildings in Athens – the library, university and academy. Via the former residence of Schliemann we walk to Syntagma Square. Here the students can admire the parliament building and the changing of the presidential guards. The tour ends at this central square, which also has a metro station.

During the walk, the students get an insight about life in contemporary Athens and tips-especially for students.

We can use more tourleaders so that the groups do not get too big.

  • Day: Monday to Saturday
  • Starting time: On consult
  • Starting point: On consult
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: on request
  • Includes: Enthusiastic local tourleader, tasting of Greek products
  • Note: Our tourleader is not a licensed tourguide. We don’t visit any archeological sites during the tour as only licensed tourguides may guide inside the archeological sites

Reservations: Please send an email to