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Explore Athens with A gem called Athens
Explore Athens with an enthusiastic Dutch speaking tourleader and see for yourself that this city has so much more to offer besides the Acropolis. Experience Athens during a guided citywalk, excursion or private tour and enjoy the picturesque neighborhoods, the ancient monuments  and temples, traditional taverns and lively markets. Meet colorful people and bon vivants and go to the places where the Athenians themselves are doing their shopping, where they drink their coffee while gossiping with friends and where they enjoy their meals.

City Walks in Athens with A gem called Athens
The walking tours take place in small groups and are accompanied by a tourleader that takes you to the highlights but also along the hidden gems of Athens. You walk past different neighborhoods, through narrow alleys, past special shops with local delicacies and past inviting terraces.

Private tours in Athens with A gem called Athens
Do you come to Athens with your own company or a private group? Do you have a specific interest or do you want a tour that completely meets your demands?

If you are interested in visiting the archeological sites we can also arrange a Dutch speaking licenced guide for you
Just let us know, so we can make a customized program , which can range from a private walk in Athens to a multi-day tour outside of Athens.